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Some of us have an unusual interest in monitoring HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) even when you are doing good in facebook based revshares or any other affiliate programs. Newgen HYIP websites are considered classy and attractive with their elegant designs, top class security measures and a nice story plot that would look too good to be true!

Best HYIP programs have its history from early 2000’s when the internet was getting popular. HYIP programs usually offer high daily returns on your investment (1-3%, usually) and the risk associated is equally high. HYIP websites these days have become too crowded and it’s getting difficult to pick up thInvestments in high yield programse top paying HYIP program from the list. Through our investor friendly HYIP monitor, we will handpick the top HYIP websites and will share HYIP news updates to our HYIP community. Even though it’s real hard to pick websites and to do a HYIP monitoring service, we think we could help you on that part along with some clear instructions on how destructive these programs can be when things go wrong.

I might have tried about 50+ HYIP in the last 3 years or so since I started doing these types of programs. I will try to let you know how I feel now. Choosing a good HYIP is real hard and I have tried my best in it. I was able to do well in some HYIP programs and I didn’t do well in a few others due to bad hyip monitoring. I have better odds in revenue sharing websites and even cyclers, though.

Top 5 HYIP Websites – HYIP Monitor

Well, no one is going t0 agree with Dascoin being listed in an HYIP section. Let’s simplify it first – all I meant is high yield investment program and that’s what Dascoin is. It’s an MLM-Crypto combo, to be descriptive.

Dascoin is a cryptocurrency with a lot of resemblance with bitcoin, the first cryptocurrencDascoiny that went extremely popular. It’s said to be a combination of onecoin and bitcoin and thus, it isn’t yet available for public trading. You have to purchase dascoin license from their website, The lowest license is €100 and the highest is €25000. To purchase the license, you can use either bitcoins or bank wire.

I have purchased a 2000 Euro Dascoin license back in November 2016 and will be waiting for the price to go up sometime in 2017. It’s not an investment plan for someone looking for quick profit, but for long term profit as you won’t be able to get out the seed within a few months. Buy and wait back – that should be the strategy. We never know whether it’s price would increase like that of bitcoin(1 cent to $1000 in few years) or onecoin (€0.50 to €5.50 in a year).

Have you heard of MyTrafficValue which run smoothly from 2012 to mid-2016. It’s still around with no fuss and little profits. Their admin team had a split in 2015 and the face of MTV, Richard, was thrown out of MTV by the coowners. He has been working on a custom website ever since and it’s finally here. The work went to this website is insane and I have seen his posts on fb ever since 2015-end.

Banana Fund isn’t your usual HYIP.  It’s more of a real business. Do you have any online business ideas which need some kind of coding? Pitch the idea to them and they will code you your dream project and will only take 3% of stake. Also, the 3% profit will be shared with members like us who have their shares.

Interesting thing is that you can buy the shares of the company by trading. You can sell your shares whenever you feel. It was same with MTV and their history is that their share price skyrocketed (huge profit opportunity) and later plummeted when business was not going well.

With Richard as the face of Banana.Fund, we can expect the site to be raised to the level of MTV. Banana Fund already has about 12000 members even before they launched which is quite enough for a good start.


How To Choose a Good HYIP?

I will share what I look when I choose a program. If you have been a part of the HYIP community for some time, you would know the majority of those from usual HYIP monitors. Anyway, you may find something new. Keep on reading!

  • Script – Is the website using a custom coded script? That’s a plus! If the HYIP is using a usual script with few or no remodification, run away as fast as you can. There are a lot of people who wants to be an HYIP administrator without knowing anything about them. They are behind these no design or crap design websites. The chance of them going popular is less comparing to the better designed HYIP.
  • Admin – The capabilities and aims of the admin matter a lot. If it’s a usual HYIP admin who intends to scam at the top of a website’s popularity, that’s not a good HYIP to be part of. The main issue with HYIPs is that the majority of them scams when the withdrawals on a day are above the deposit they got on the same day. It doesn’t matter to the admins even if they still have a reserve of $1 million. Their only aim is to scam as much as they can and they don’t care anything about any of us. On other hands, few admins do better and they will continue paying even when withdrawals are over deposits and will continue doing that for a specific time until they find it difficult to payout. I find that such admins are usually seen on HYIPs that run based on a FB group, not based on ads and monitors.
  • Advertisements – For a business to be successful, you need to reach out to the audience. HYIPs are no different. Getting the word out comes with a price. Monitors charge as high as $500 per week for a single banner placement and imagine the kind of money needed to place the ads in multiple monitors. It’s unavoidable unless an HYIP is using some other ways of getting members. So, before choosing a HYIP, research whether the admin is trying to spread the program’s name through ads. You can do it by visiting the popular HYIP monitors and check for the banner. Best administrators even make use of Google Adwords and you can check the paid keywords in sites like To understand how many actually promotes an HYIP, you can check backlinks of the website at and Ahrefs take few days to catch up backlinks. If there are a lot of backlinks, it’s popular and there are many promoters. See the below picture which shows that Merchant shares has links from about 1120 websites, with 942 live links. Considering that it won’t find at least 30% site links, the link count will only increase.

merchant shares

Ahrefs screenshot for HYIP

  • FB group – Sites can start their growth with just FB groups and revshares are the perfect examples. Sites like MyPayingAds which is paying for 600 days to 200k members started with a facebook group and FB promoters. I don’t know why. HYIPs rarely make use of FB. Maybe because the FB promoters are sceptical towards HYIP.
  • Membership –  With no members joining, any strong HYIP will collapse. That’s how it is. Keep an eye on the membership rate after verifying that the stats are correct. There are no secret tips in verifying that. Only experience can tell whether the stats is right or not. Still, tools like Alexa could help even though it’s very inaccurate due to the method they use to find the rank. Another tool similar to Alexa is SimilarWeb and it’s equally unreliable. But that’s all about the online tools to know the popularity of a website.

How To Make Investments in HYIP?

Let’s discuss the real scenario. You are now on the internet and you have seen worse. You can’t even believe what I am going to say and you shouldn’t, without confirmation or research by yourself. Did I just make me look like a dumb? Never mind. I was just over conveying what I want to say. DIVERSIFY, don’t believe and deposit on just one program.

You need to diversify your investment. We call it portfolio, which is usually used a lot in the share market field. HYIPs are very risky. I just wrote the safest HYIPs  (as we guess) and if you just join a random one which you see on any HYIP monitor or facebook , you are choosing a website from the 250+ online paying website which could scam anytime. The portfolio formation helps when something unexpected happens to one of the many websites you have in your portfolio. In such cases, you still have other websites giving you the profits.

Mistakes to Avoid While Paying

  • Don’t borrow money – Never ever! You may think that you can easily borrow a loan from a bank or even online and you can multiply it with the help of HYIP. Stop dreaming. As I have specified, the industry is not as good as it looks and the risk is very high. When anyone says ‘ Invest only what you can afford to lose’, they actually mean it.
  • Don’t blindly trust any program – Even a 2 years old site may close down few days after you join. No HYIP program is here for ever and every program will close down someday. If you want to confirm that, find me a HYIP website which is paying for over 5 years. HYIPs are online since early 2000’s and you can’t even find any HYIP website which launched on 2010.
  • Don’t delay – If you find any HYIP is worth investing, don’t wait any longer. Just invest! If you wait too long, you may be very late and you may end up to be the last investor. It’s now or never, that’s the depositing principle in HYIP.
  • No lifetime Repurchase – Unlike revshares, repurchase or reinvestment is not considered something worth trying in HYIP. Well, there are exceptions and you may end up with higher profit if it works. But mostly it doesn’t. Point is simple, don’t get greedy!
  • No extremely high paying HYIP – I won’t say that you shouldn’t try the high paying HYIPs. By high paying, I meant those with plans of 400% ROI in 5 days. It does work if you join the first day and the website grows exponentially. But as the chance of such programs growing exponentially is minimal, you probably would lose your whole deposit.
  • Don’t keep money in programs – Don’t want till the earning accumulate to $100 so that you can show off in facebook and forums. That’s a sucidial move and you should withdraw whenever possible instead of keeping anything in account for no reason.

I have seen that majority of the members believe whatever is being told by the HYIP admins and that’s what makes an HYIP a success. You promote leaving nothing behind thinking it’s a real business. That’s the HYIP motto, like it or not!


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