Best Payment Processors For Revshares and HYIP

Middleman matters. Doesn’t it? If you are into investment websites like HYIP, Revshares or PTC, you would know how important the processors you use are. When we face something terrible with the services we were expected to receive, payment processors are supposed to act as a middleman to settle the case for onpayment processors for hyip, revsharesce and ever. Few processors allow you to dispute against the seller and you may get a full or partial refund depending on your case. In others, there is almost no security and they concentrate on many other features except security of transactions.
Obviously, more the securities the processors offer, more strict they tend to be.

They limit, freeze or even ban your account overnight and all you could do would be to send unfruitful messages to their support. So, choose your processors wisely and always double check the TOS of the processors that you use.

In this article, we will discuss the details of the main payment processors and the most favored processors in our make money online industry. I will try not to be biased to any processors!

The main processors used in investment websites are,

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer
  • Solid Trust Pay


The largest internet payment company with about 200 million active members and they started writing history on 1998. That’s PayPal!

They are most favored by common people around the world. But when it’s about revshares and HYIP, PayPal Paypal ewalletseems to be missing from the picture.  We can hardly see programs launching with PayPal as an option. Ironically, it was popular in 2014-2015 among revenue sharing sites and later got hated by the majority of the online crowd due to the issues PayPal make.

Issues with ‘PayPal approved’ rev shares or HYIP are that those programs are very vulnerable to crash any time because of the terms of PayPal. PayPal freeze funds, block accounts like no one else. Whatever the reasons be, it all ends up in the premature collapse of the program. That’s a fact which none of us can forget.

So, if you see some revshare or HYIP launching with PayPal, there is one conclusion that you can easily make. The admin is a newbie and has no idea of what’s PayPal is capable of. Sure, it can attract more audience. But what would you choose, a program running 2 months with a lot of members from beginning or a program growing slowly for 6+ months without no risk of premature collapsing?

Since the sites we deal with belongs to the class of ponzi, PayPal avoids them and we can’t really crucify PayPal as they are legally running from the US and has a lot of transactions outside the type of websites we are discussing here.

If you are a PTC user, your experience would be little different as PayPal doesn’t consider PTC websites as mere ponzies as they are more into selling advertisements and thus, they are not considered as a huge money making opportunities.


The popular payment processor for people using revshares is Payza, undoubtfully. Even though Bitcoins has become popular by around mid-2016, Payza still rules the game.

Payza’s background is not something we would really want to hear. They are the same people behind AlertPayPayza which was a payment processor which closed down in 2012. They were also behind EgoPay which scammed its members in 2015. So, you have been warned!

They are still being used by many and that includes, myself. The reason is simple. Every payment processor except PayPal has the risk of closing down any time as regulations are minimal. Also, in Payza you can fund and withdraw easily as they allow credit cards/debit cards/bank transfers and even bitcoins. They don’t ban account unless you do a lot of exchanges without their approval. Still, I would say the chance of getting banned is minimal. Anyway, I don’t keep much money with Payza due to their history.

Another factor that helps them to be the king of Revshare industry is that they have dispute feature and you can even get a partial refund which can be up to 50% of your loss. It usually works with revshares and not much with HYIP. I will share my own experience. I had deposited $500 in a revshare and was only able to get back around $350. So, I tried their dispute feature and Payza refunded $50 which is 33% of my loss ($150). That’s something unique which you won’t experience in any other processor.

With all that said, you would have to compromise a little on the fees as their fees are in the range of 2.5% to 3.9% which is way above the industry average.


Started slowly and grown exponentially. That’s the history of bitcoin usage in HYIP/Revshare industry. The major issue that is slowing down the growth of BTC among revshare industry is the fallacy that usage of bitcoin is too Bitcoinstechnical, when in reality, it’s very simple. Of course, the bitcoin blockchain and its functionings are technical. But who cares, we are not going to own a mining company. Normal users don’t interact with technical sides of Bitcoin. Using bitcoin is as simple as using any other payment processor. You just need to try, though.

For understanding what it is, I have written an exclusive bitcoin article describing how it works and how to use it. I have made a lot of money by just holding BTC as its value increased from $200 in 2015 to $750 in 2016.

The fees for sending/receiving bitcoins are almost 0%. To be accurate, the lowest fee is usually 0.0001 BTC which is equivalent to about 7 cents. That’s the lowest fees you could get for sending money in the whole world. The fee is taken by the bitcoin network and is comparatively low even if you send $1 million dollars!

Perfect Money

Started way back in 2008 with no real location and owner info available. Perfect Money is an offshore payment processor and that’s why Perfect Money is not vulnerable to US regulations and thus, it won’t get closed down byPerfect Money the US government. Remember the illegal torrents that you use every day? They are similar to Perfect Money with everything related to them kept hidden. But they all serve the purpose for those who needs them. With time, Perfect Money is seen as the safest processor to keep your money when the HYIP/Revshare industry is considered. They are even used in crypto currency tradings and for financial needs in unstable economies like Nigeria.

Adding money to them is not as easy as other ewallets. You have to either choose bank transfers or their authorized exchangers. The fees are appreciated by the HYIP community as it’s only 0.50% for verified members and 1.9% for nonverified members


Payeer is a feature rich processor which works in the best way we can ever imagine. It actually acts as anpayeer exchanger and you can easily exchange your Payeer funds to other e-currencies listed above. Adding funds itself is very easy as there are about 150+ ways to add money to Payeer.

You don’t have to get verified to use Payeer. You can sign up and use all their features the next second and nothing is going to stop you. They won’t ban accounts and there is almost 0 restrictions. Their fees are very low and stand at only 0.95% for sending cash. Depositing is free and withdrawal fees range from 0-5%.

With all these features, there is no wonder Payeer is currently one of the most popular e-wallets for HYIP and Revshare users.

Solid Trust Pay

They had a lot of user base a few years back and it’s depleting very fast. Currently, the majority of their users are from US as United States citizens have very few options when the digital payment processors are considered. USSTP citizens can’t have Perfect Money or Payeer as both wallets don’t allow US citizens to sign up.

Issues associated with Solid Trust Pay seems to be increasing as of 2016 as they have disabled bitcoin withdrawals in mid 2016. Many of their members have funds stuck on STP and they have no way to get the funds out since the withdrawals/exchange options are very few. You have only one option, bank wire.

They are also infamous for banning accounts even though there are some members who are using STP for a few years.

How Would I Rank The Processors?

Unless I list my favorite processors, this article isn’t going to help you much as you have given with multiple options. So, I will list my favorite processors with the main reason.

  1. Bitcoins – I have the majority of my funds in Bitcoins and the reason is simple, 0% fees and the funds can be easily stored in different wallets. If you want maximum security, you can opt for hardware based offline storage devices.
  2. Payza – The reason is their dispute feature and thus, reduces my losses if I get unlucky in any programs. If you are from the USA, you probably have to think of a situation when Payza won’t be available in US like Perfect Money and Payeer.
  3. Payeer – Advantages are already listed above and it’s more about diversifying our funds to different processors.
  4. Perfect Money –  Comes fourth mainly due to the difficulties in funding and withdrawing funds.
  5. Solid Trust Pay – Nothing exciting here. Good only for United States citizens.
  6. PayPal – Good for anything else, but not for HYIP and Revshares. For PayPal, once some funds arrive in PayPal, they feel that cash belongs to them.

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